About Us

CYK Properties LLC mission is to provide reasonable real estate quickly and with integrity in order to supply customers with options as a solution for life’s circumstances.

We are not Realtors. We are Investors. That means no realtor fees. We invest in our clients by showing respect and integrity in all we do. We explain every step of the process along the way, to be sure our clients feel comfortable to make the right decisions for their financial needs.

What We Do ??

We are Real Estate Investors that seek to provide service with integrity and respect.We work with our clients to provide them with solutions to their homeowner needs. We buy with CASH, we CLOSE QUICKLY, we BUY AS-IS and do it all with NO REALTOR FEES.


No matter the condition of your home or how bad your situation, we can help.


When the banks say NO, we say YES


We provide clients with options when it comes to selling and buying homes. Many of our clients face life circumstances when selling their home fast or buying without a loan will provide as a solution to their needs.


We congratulate you in taking steps in the right direction to solving your homeowner needs. We look forward to working with you soon!

We LOVE Referrals!

Earn $500 for your next seller referral!

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